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Highlighting our most recent achievements.

MagmaLabs boasts a remarkable 12-year legacy of turning client ideas into reality.

Minimal Audio

E-commerce company selling SFX and VST plugins. MagmaLabs delivered design to production, utilizing Design Thinking techniques and modern web tools.


Spin is a top player in micromobility. MagmaLabs' solutions play a big role in both rider-facing and internal software projects. We've helped Spin with everything from customer-facing mobile apps, to smart IoT (Internet of Things) communication channels, to robust backend services, all built to the highest scalability standards.


This telepsychiatry intermediary aims to provide great patient and provider user experiences. Together we built and supported their customer-facing and backend platforms, as well as business integrations and legacy applications.


Rivur is a provider of web-based systems for management of very large construction projects, such as resorts and convention centers, with specific tools supporting budgeting, contracting, invoicing, and forecasting.

Over 200 successful projects showcase our track record of excellence.

Our efforts have generated revenue worth hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

Portrait of Jacob the Founder of Minimal Audio


Founder of Minimal Audio

"Magma pushed us to understand our customers, business model, and long term vision. The commitment from the team is exceptional!"

Portrait of Natalia the Head of Product Strategy at Flex Company


Head of Product Strategy at Flex Company

"MagmaLabs’ engineers are the main developers of our digital platforms. The best thing about working with them is that they are a very dedicated team!"

Portrait of Max Ellerhorst the COO of Rivur

Max Ellerhorst

COO of Rivur

"(My Magma engineer) is awesome! Trustworthy and communicative. I love working with him."

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Full-stack Engineers Team Icon

Full-stack Engineers

Specialized in the design, architecture, and implementation of scalable web applications using Ruby on Rails.

Mobile Engineers Team Icon

Mobile Engineers

Our React Native experts create user-centric mobile apps designed to delight stakeholders and users alike.

Front-end Specialists Team Icon

Front-end Specialists

Attention to detail in crafting captivating and user-friendly web interfaces with React and web components.

Empowering your success with the finest tools

As the hub for the most skilled Ruby, JavaScript, and React specialists in Latin America, we stand ready to assist you throughout every stage – from conceptualization to development, and ongoing operational support. Whatever your brand requires, we've got you covered.



Join an active open-source community and enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of this dynamic programming language. With its intuitive and concise syntax, you can write clean and readable code, increasing productivity and reducing bugs. Use well-established libraries and tools to speed up development time and cost. The Ruby community provides frequent updates and security patches for a secure and long-lasting project.


Ruby on Rails

Build web applications faster with the power of Ruby and the convenience of a fully-featured web development framework. With Rails, you can reduce development time and increase productivity by using convention over configuration. Create scalable and maintainable web applications that can handle high traffic loads and complex business logic. Deploy anywhere easily and monitor your application for reliability and availability.


React Native

Create robust mobile applications. Improve delivery speed with cross-platform development. Follow high-quality standards from the open source while engineering robust projects built with testing, automation, and continuous integration. Keep a native window open? No problem, easy switch, and even code-sharing with native technologies.



Improve conversion rates by optimizing landing and product pages with Solidus, the top-notch E-commerce framework for every industry. Find dropout spots during the checkout funnel and integrate custom payment methods. Be more competitive by developing a better user experience with third-party integrations, like product search optimization.


React JS

Quickly develop interactive and engaging web apps with ReactJS; it provides an exceptional level of interactiveness to the layout of the UI, saving time for both customers and developers. Also, improve maintainability while ensuring performance with its reusability features, and handle graphics on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, or desktops.



Easily build high-performance, high scalable real-time apps using Node’s event-driven, non-blocking I/O model and a rich library of modules. Develop real-time web applications with this lightweight, scalable, and easy to learn server-side back-end JavaScript runtime environment that is perfect fit for real-time broadcasting live events to a large audience of global users.