MagmaLabs builds tailored software solutions to help companies execute their vision.

MagmaLabs builds tailored software solutions to help companies execute their vision.

With loyal teams achieving quick turn-around.

With loyal teams achieving quick turn-around.

Ruby on Rails


React Native


UX design

Exceptional digital products

  • Web development
  • Effective and attractive web apps developed using cutting-edge technologies and techniques.

  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Strategies designed to boost your ecommerce sales with top-notch technology.

  • Mobile development
  • High-performance mobile apps that connect brands with customers.

  • UX/UI design
  • Engaging customer experiences through innovative and beautiful digital products.


From concept to solution

With the help of Agile methodologies and multidisciplinary teams, MagmaLabs ensures the quality of product development and sustainable work-pace oriented to give the best value to our customers. We use modern tools to help continuous communication, task organization, and weekly iterations of focused work.

Our product development process

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What our clients say

We have contributed to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

"It is a pleasure to work with the MagmaLabs team. Their engineers bring a lot to the table with their ability to understand not only the technical questions but also how to best align the technical implementation with Superpedestrian’s operational needs."
Patrick T. Hoffman, Product Coordinator
"I love working with MagmaLabs because the people are great, and I love the flexibility and availability of my assigned team. The work that they have done has helped me to achieve results."
Felix Brandon Lloyd, CEO
"Working with MagmaLabs was a very educational experience due to its Agile methodology and innovative technologies. Their system allowed a great and coordinated collaboration between the involved parts. We achieved a strong synergy that integrated the sensitive points of the project while respecting our brand identity."
José Roberto Medinilla S., CFO
"MagmaLabs has great engineering talent and a very dedicated hands on management team that steps in and gets things done."
Danish Munir, VP Technology

Trust us as they have

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  • Years empowering
    digital innovation


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    launched projects

Why partner with us?

We have been improving our processes over the years to build world-class products that offer the best nearshore experience.

Staffing your team with talented engineers at reasonable rates.

Taking projects from inception all the way to production.

A fraction of your investment is destined towards developing talent.

Following our own process or embracing yours.

Most of our staff works on CST.

Overnight onsite availability.

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