This is MagmaLabs 

This is MagmaLabs 

Professionals with a growth-oriented mindset and strong universal values.

About us

A bit of our story

MagmaLabs is an American software development agency with operations in Mexico and the mission to drive digital innovation. Altogether, we have helped develop multiple projects and built sites from scratch for more than a hundred projects across different countries. We develop top talent to deliver high-quality products with rigorous execution.

What do we do?

We staff your team depending on your needs; we take care of the full project or collaborate with your existing team. We perform Product Design Sprints (PDS) and re-platforming, develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP), scale applications for tens of millions of users, and integrate services. Our experienced and talented team always makes sure to use the right technologies and put into effect the right expertise to achieve our partners' goals.

Broadening horizons

We have offices in the United States, Canada, and some beautiful Mexican cities like Colima, León, and Aguascalientes. We are also doing business with different companies from the UK.


To make a difference by innovating in how our clients do business in the digital world.


To have top talent with rigorous execution.

Social responsability at the core

Our goal is to lead a company where talent is fostered and encourage everyone to give back to society. MagmaLabs' purpose is not financial profit, but to improve other people's lives throughout our community and social efforts.

Meet our leadership team

Executive team
Carlos Rocha Carlos Rocha

Carlos Rocha


Edwin Cruz Edwin Cruz

Edwin Cruz


Esteban Cortés Esteban Cortés

Esteban Cortés


Carlos Flores Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores

Chief Academic Officer

Carlos Muñiz Carlos Muñiz

Carlos Muñiz

VP Operations

Rafael Castillo Rafael Castillo

Rafael Castillo

VP of eCommerce

Leonardo Hernández Leonardo Hernández

Leonardo Hernández

VP of Design

Alejandra Torres Alejandra Torres

Alejandra Torres

Head of Finance

Víctor Velázquez Víctor Velázquez

Víctor Velázquez

Director of Engineering

Mariana Ochoa Mariana Ochoa

Mariana Ochoa

Quality Assurance Lead

Daniel Contreras Daniel Contreras

Daniel Contreras

Mobile Unit Lead

Fernanda Rojas Fernanda Rojas

Fernanda Rojas

Canada Brand Ambassador

Business development
Joe Moreno Joe Moreno

Joe Moreno

Business Sales Executive

Want to join us?

We’re looking for talented people with great attitude and solid values.